A praying mantis was observed on a Shasta daisy this past summer.

The best way to shield helpful bugs in your yard and garden

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Many hoped that one silver lining from the winter storm final 12 months can be much less insect pests, however sadly many appeared worse than ever – grasshoppers, caterpillars and aphids had significantly massive populations final 12 months. Temperature doesn’t have as a lot of an affect on bugs as water does, or the dearth of it. However whereas many householders give attention to controlling pests of their yard and garden, it’s vital to recollect to guard the helpful bugs – they’re essential to sustaining a wholesome panorama and productive garden.

There are a number of classes of helpful bugs – pollinators, predators, and parasitoids. Pollinators assist present many scrumptious crops like watermelon, squash and peaches. Since bee populations have proven regarding declines in recent times we must always take into account them when planning and managing the house garden and panorama. The best solution to shield native bees is to watch out with pesticide utility. Pollinators like bees and butterflies are delicate to pesticides, and overuse can scale back their numbers. Solely use pesticides when wanted, after which you should definitely use the proper product and comply with the label instructions. Attempt to use essentially the most focused product attainable, as a substitute of broad-spectrum and solely apply to the plant in query. Chemical pesticides could be useful if used correctly and reasonably, however overuse can result in worse pest populations due to the impact on helpful predators and parasitoids.

Predators are bugs that kill and eat different bugs. Some are specialised like ladybugs and inexperienced lacewings, they’re significantly keen on aphids. Others have extra broad style, like preying mantis – they are going to eat no matter they will catch. Parasitoids are parasitic bugs that lay eggs on a number and kill it as they develop. Collectively, these helpful bugs do so much to maintain pests insect populations down within the yard and garden.

One other method to assist bees and butterflies is to plant pollinator-friendly vegetation. Some nice decisions for the Concho Valley embody catmint, Gregg’s mistflower, lantana, bee balm, blackfoot daisy, esperanza, African blue basil, blackeyed susan, bulbine, globe mallow, salvia, zinnia, and turk’s cap.

Bugs are sometimes seen as unwelcome visitors to the garden, and whereas some could be very damaging keep in mind that there are various that we want – it’s a tremendous stability. When bugs are discovered within the panorama, right identification is vital earlier than making an attempt to regulate them. For assist in figuring out, be at liberty to contact the Extension Workplace with a photograph or a pattern.

Allison Watkins is the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Agent for horticulture in Tom Inexperienced County. Contact her at aewatkins@ag.tamu.edu.


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