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Oak Tree Care within the Summer time

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By Ron Allen, UC Grasp Gardener, Mariposa County

Proper now we’re within the midst of maximum, widespread drought. One telltale indication is that oak bushes in Mariposa County are dropping their leaves.

Picture by Kevan Craft.

What ought to one do?

It’s a great time to overview correct oak tree care throughout dry spells. You don’t have to do a lot, however it is best to keep away from fundamental errors. Listed below are some tips.

Keep away from disturbing the bottom inside 6 toes of the trunk; the roots listed here are notably delicate. Hold all different vegetation, even potted, greater than 6 toes away.

Oak floor root techniques lengthen about 30% past the dripline. On this essential root zone (CRZ), don’t add floor fill, modify grade, or enable floor buildings (retaining partitions) that entice water. Some low-water native California vegetation are OK, if positioned away from the trunk.

Don’t drive automobiles onto the CRZ; this compresses the soil and hurts the roots.

Image of a Virginia live oak.

Picture by James De Mers.

It’s typically a mistake to water established oak bushes throughout dry spells; this promotes fungi development that may harm or kill a tree.

The blue oak, particularly, drops its leaves early throughout drought. The tree conserves its water assets with this survival mechanism.

Some research have proven that native California oaks can profit from summer season watering. However this have to be finished selectively, fastidiously, and often for a prized oak tree.

Starting 10 toes from the trunk, water slowly and deeply (to about 3 toes) the remainder of the CRZ. Don’t water once more for no less than a month. Do that solely two or 3 times in the course of the summer season.

If attainable, postpone oak pruning till chilly climate. Prune useless and dying branches as wanted, however don’t prune wholesome branches over one inch in diameter. By no means prune greater than 20% of the cover at one time.

Image of an oak tree with its branch cut off correctly.

A great minimize leaves the department collar intact.







Image of an oak tree that has had its limb cut off incorrectly.

A poor minimize removes some bark from the trunk on the left and leaves a stub of department wooden to the appropriate.










Apply a skinny layer of coarse mulch — oak or pine chips — an inch or two deep, beneath your oak bushes. This retains the roots cool, suppresses competing weeds, and replicates the protecting leaf mulch layer that oak bushes set up in nature.

Image of a dirt road leading through a forest of oak trees.

Picture by Rodion Kutsaev.

Observe these practices and your family oak bushes will do effectively throughout sizzling, dry months.

Trees out on the panorama can typically be left alone. They’ve been there a very long time, and with none intervention, they are going to be there loads longer.


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Image of an oak tree alone on a vast prairie.

“The oak has lengthy been a permanent and mighty tree. It’s really part of our nationwide heritage and it deserves the formal distinction of America’s Nationwide Tree.” — Bob Goodlatte


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