How to get rid of gnats: 11 tricks to banish them from your house and yard

Methods to eliminate gnats: 11 tricks to banish them from your own home and yard

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If you wish to eliminate gnats, whether or not in your own home or across the yard, it is doubtless you are being pestered and bitten by these pesky flies.

A gnat is not one explicit insect species, however it’s the identify we use to embody drain flies, fungus gnats, fruit flies and midges on the whole. Not all chew, although all are annoying to have floating round you in your house and yard.

There are distinct explanation why gnats could be discovered in your house, and loads of methods to be rid of them. Similar to if you eliminate fruit flies, most of the tricks and hacks are straightforward residence treatments, too.

So, in case you are questioning learn how to eliminate gnats, why they’re in your house within the first place, and learn how to cease them coming again in in future, now we have all of the tips and recommendation you want.

Methods to eliminate gnats

From setting traps to good housekeeping, there are a lot of methods to eliminate gnats. Right here, we take you thru the highest 11 to strive. Do all of them, and your gnat downside will diminish dramatically.

1. With sticky traps

You probably have observed a sudden inflow of gnats and so they’ve by no means been an issue earlier than, or if they seem to be a common downside that good housekeeping does not appear to type, essentially the most easy solution to eliminate them – or kill them – is to spend money on a number of sticky traps designed for the job. 

You merely place these the place gnats have been seen; the gnats are interested in the traps and persist with them, the place they’ll die. Garsum Yellow Sticky Traps (opens in new tab) are essentially the most extremely rated on Amazon. 

2. With apple cider vinegar

Cleansing with vinegar is a well known residence treatment, however do you know it may be used to eliminate gnats too? Merely mix half a cup of apple cider vinegar with a cup of heat water and some drops of dish cleaning soap into a fairly bowl or cup. Put the bowl/cup the place the gnats are inclined to congregate. They are going to be attracted by the candy scent and the possibility of a drink. As they attain in to sip the answer, the dish cleaning soap traps them and so they drown. 

3. With overripe fruit

We have talked in our gardening pages of ‘lure crops’ and the way they’re used to draw pests (or predators of pests) in order that your primary crops can survive till harvest. Placing out overripe fruit performs precisely the identical perform.

Merely put some reduce up, overripe fruit in a bowl or cup, cowl it with saran wrap and poke tiny holes by the wrap. As soon as contained in the bowl or cup, they’ll discover it troublesome to stand up and out. When there is a crucial mass of them inside, you’ll be able to eliminate the whole thing into the rubbish.

4. With pink wine

Simply as gnats are interested in the scent of apple cider vinegar and rotting fruit, they love the scent of pink wine. Combine half a cup of pink wine with a number of drops of dish cleaning soap in a cup or bowl, or go away the dregs of an outdated bottle of pink wine, add some dish cleaning soap, and put the place the gnats are an issue. The gnats will discover their manner in simply sufficient, however are unlikely to emerge.

5. By opening (and shutting) home windows

Satirically, each opening and shutting home windows will clear up your gnat downside. If the gnats are discovering their manner indoors out of your yard (maybe they’ve discovered a drain they significantly love and it is close to an open window), shutting or becoming a fly display will assist. 

If, nonetheless, gnats have gathered in a room and it is windy open air, opening up home windows to create a breeze indoors will discourage them from hanging about. They aren’t nice flyers and have a tendency to dislike rooms with good air motion.

6. By cleansing drains

Gnats love moist environments, in actual fact, they love them a lot, they’ll even lay their eggs in them. So you probably have a continuously moist drain in or open air, it is doubtless that it’ll appeal to drain flies. Retaining these drains super-clean and as dry as potential indoors and out will assist cut back the possibility of gnats being interested in them. 

7. With chemical compounds

Retaining drains clear, whether or not in your kitchen sink, bathtub, bathe or yard, will assist discourage and eliminate gnats. 

Merely empty half a cup of bleach down a drain the place you could have seen gnats and you’ll wipe out any larvae or adults hiding there. 

8. With good housekeeping

One of the best ways to eliminate gnats is to stop them from coming into your own home within the first place. As we stated above, having doorways and home windows open will encourage them in, however so will numerous untended family chores. So you probably have a gnat downside, look to:

  • Empty the trash can frequently;
  • Wipe up spills as they occur;
  • Wash dishes or put them straight within the dishwasher and shut the door;
  • Put rubbish baggage right into a lidded rubbish can;
  • Wash fruit and greens and go away them to dry totally if you come residence from the shop; 
  • Retailer fruit and veg in a sealed pantry or fridge.
  • Hold leftovers sealed away, too.
  • Guarantee your compost is roofed.
  • Hold drains clear and dry.

9. By sealing the rubbish can

Indoors or out, a rubbish can with an excellent seal on the lid will eliminate gnats and discourage all kinds of different pests, too. This does not simply go for rubbish cans which have discarded meals in them, however any trash that is moist, which you will discover for certain in your toilet. 

10. By not overwatering crops

You could have observed that there are lots of gnats round your indoor crops. This is actually because plant soil is moist, which could be a breeding floor for gnats. If you wish to eliminate gnats in crops, these are most likely fungus gnats, and you may wish to permit your crops’ soil to dry out between watering to create a much less hospitable residence for them. 

‘Fungus gnats or sciarid flies love damp soil so the extra you water your crops the extra they are going to be attracted,’ says John Stewart, from the technical group at eco-friendly pest management model Inexperienced Defend (opens in new tab). ‘They usually feed on decaying natural materials however when present in our properties, they’re an actual nuisance. To stop and management this species of fly, don’t overwater your crops. You possibly can simply monitor for the presence of those pests with yellow sticky traps. There are easy water stage indicators or screens that may be purchased from garden facilities to make sure that crops usually are not over or underwatered.

‘Nevertheless, if the flies are established, the larvae could be killed with organic management utilizing nematode worms. The worms will search and destroy the maggots, and they’re protected to make use of round people and pets.’

Utilizing cinnamon in soil can also be stated to eliminate gnats in the home. 

11. Hold your house cool and dry

Gnats love a heat, humid ambiance, so if your house is especially damp or humid, they are going to be extra interested in it, or to explicit rooms in it. One of the best ways to maintain rooms cool and dry is to crack open home windows (mixed with fly screens if there is a gnat downside open air), to examine for and repair leaks or damp, and to contemplate investing in a dehumidifier in a room that is frequently humid, comparable to a laundry room. 

What causes a lot of gnats in the home?

Gnats are attracted by:

Heat, humid atmospheres, which you’ll repair by checking for leaks and damp, airing areas and investing in a dehumidifier. 

Poor housekeeping: wiping up spills, draining standing water, protecting drains clear, sealing rubbish cans and placing away uneaten meals, fruit and veg will assist deter them. 

Overwatered crops: you will discover them if you water crops, as they’ll out of the blue seem from the soil in a plume. Permitting soil to dry out fully between watering will make soil much less enticing to them.

Are gnats dangerous?

Most gnats usually are not dangerous to people, although some can provide you bites a little bit like mosquito bites. Fungus gnats are people who love your houseplants; in giant numbers they will injury crops’ roots and progress. Fruit flies are interested in rotten fruit however love any candy liquids, comparable to vinegar and pink win. Drain flies could be discovered buzzing round your house’s drains, whereas midges usually tend to collect round standing water, comparable to your yard’s water options.

What’s the quickest solution to eliminate gnats?

You probably have any apple cider vinegar or pink wine within the kitchen, mixing half a cup of both with a number of drops of dish cleaning soap and placing it the place gnats are a nuisance will rapidly appeal to them. They are going to be lured by the candy scent into the answer and trapped by the sticky dish cleaning soap. 

Is there a sprig for gnats?

Selfmade bug sprays could be simply as efficient as shop-bought, chemical sprays. Mixing half a cup of isopropyl alcohol with a teaspoon of dish cleaning soap in a sprig bottle, and spritzing it immediately on to the gnats will rapidly kill the gnats.

The place do gnats lay eggs?

Gnats lay their eggs within the locations they like to feed and conceal, specifically, soiled rubbish disposals and drains, compost bins, rubbish cans and anyplace moist and humid. They may even lay eggs into rotting fruit and greens, together with these in your fruit bowl or pantry.

Will gnats go away on their very own?

No, gnats is not going to go away on their very own if they’re completely happy of their new-found residence. One of the best ways to encourage them to ‘go away’ is to create traps for them to lure them away from the place they’re in your house now, and to totally clear the areas they’re interested in, comparable to drains, rubbish cans, rotted fruit, moist plant soil, and so forth.


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