‘Cheap’ but ‘effective’ methods to keep slugs away from plants - including fruit punnets

‘Low cost’ however ‘efficient’ strategies to maintain slugs away from crops – together with fruit punnets

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In line with Miracle-Gro, it’s estimated that the typical garden can comprise as many as 20,000 slugs. They’re most energetic through the summer time evenings, when it’s cooler however humid. Whereas they’re not deemed pests by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), they will trigger havoc within the garden, particularly if gardeners are rising lettuces, cabbages and broccoli.

It’s thought that slugs desire the style of younger crops in comparison with older ones.

With the ban of metaldehyde, it may be laborious for gardeners to know methods to hold slugs at bay.

Kate Turner from Miracle-Gro beneficial utilizing selfmade cloches in addition to plastic bottles.

She beneficial reducing the bottoms and tops off which can be utilized to guard seedlings.

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“A wildlife pond will actually assist to draw these predators into your garden.

“Don’t throw them over the neighbour’s fence although because it’s been discovered that slugs are a bit like homing pigeons, and you will have to throw them over 20 metres to cease them travelling again.”

As a substitute, gardeners may take them to a neighborhood plant.

If on the lookout for deterrents, herbs corresponding to rosemary might be grown in out of doors areas.

It’s thought that slugs despise this scent.

Kate defined: “It’s been discovered that they hate the scent of crops like rosemary and fennel so it may be used as a deterrent.

“This is called companion planting.

“For those who should, develop hostas then develop the big leaved ones corresponding to Hosta Sieboldiana. These are a lot harder and slugs discover them more durable to munch.”

Retaining on prime of weeds can even assist to maintain slug issues at bay.

It’s because weeds act as nice hiding locations for slugs.


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