July 2022 Gardening Questions and Solutions

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Gardening Q&A

July/August 2022 California Bountiful journal

July 10, 2022 – As a California Bountiful reader, you have got the chance to get your seasonal gardening questions answered by gardening knowledgeable Pat Rubin. Listed here are a number of questions from our readers.


Everybody tells me use mulch and add compost. What is the massive take care of that?

It is the best possible recommendation you will get and the perfect factor to do on your garden. Compost will add vitamins to your soil so your crops develop higher, produce extra and are immune to illness and bugs. Mulch will defend your soil. It conserves water, discourages weeds from rising and provides the garden a tidy look.


Ought to I fertilize my garden in August?

It depends upon what crops you need to fertilize. If it is your summer time greens and flowers, then I might say go forward. If it is the shrubs and timber within the garden, I’d suggest in opposition to it. The rising season is coming to an finish, and fall and winter are quick approaching with low temperatures and doable frosts. Fertilizing encourages new development and winter chills can injury that development. If you happen to really feel it’s essential fertilize, I’d use a weaker resolution than the instructions suggest. Some crops, like citrus, particularly if grown in pots, want fertilizer many of the 12 months. Have a look at the label in your fertilizer package deal.
Reprinted with permission: California Farm Bureau Federation


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