Green Streets garden care tips

Inexperienced Streets garden care tips

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Plant choice

Choosing the proper vegetation is the important thing to having a secure, wholesome, and visually pleasing avenue garden.


  • Crops near intersections, driveways, curbs, and sidewalk edges must be no taller than 60 centimetres (24 inches). This manner they don’t block sight traces.
  • Crops in gardens situated greater than 10 metres away from intersections, driveways, or pedestrian crossings must be no taller than 1 metres (36 inches).
  • Test mature plant heights when selecting perennials and decorative grasses. Low or sluggish rising shrubs will decrease the frequency of required pruning.
  • Don’t plant bushes in your avenue garden.

Drought-tolerant vegetation

Solar necessities

  • Know the orientation of your garden to the solar and take heed to sun-loving versus shade-tolerant vegetation.


  • A various garden will present visible enjoyment all yr lengthy. 
  • Choose a mixture of plant species that bloom at totally different instances to assist bees, butterflies and different pollinators all year long.
  • Embrace evergreens to supply winter curiosity and construction to the garden.

Widespread weeds, invasive vegetation, and invasive pests

Watch out to not plant widespread weeds or invasive vegetation as some are bought at garden centres. Crops that may out-compete the meant species or disrupt native biodiversity must be eliminated. This contains self-seeded bushes that are best to take away when they’re seedlings. Discover extra info Exterior web site, opens in new tab

Canada Thistle
Cirsium arvense


English Holly
Ilex aquifolium


Himalayan Blackberry
Rubus armeniacus



Japanese Knotweed
Fallopia japonica

Widespread Periwinkle
Vinca minor


English Ivy
Hedera helix


Japanese Beetle
Popillia japonica


Spurge Laurel
Daphne laureola


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