How Deep Do You Plant Daffodils In Pots?

How Deep Do You Plant Daffodils In Pots?

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Cheery Yellow, Orange, And White Daffodils Are True Heralds of Spring

The cheerful sight of daffodils and narcissus in bloom is an indication that winter is de facto
over so it’s no shock that they’re one of the vital extensively grown spring flower
bulbs. Daffodils thrive in most areas of North America and are simple to develop, so a
query we’re usually requested is how deep do you plant daffodils?

How Deep To Plant Daffodils In Pots In The Backyard

Daffodils needs to be planted in teams, about twice the depth of the bulbs or 4” – 6”
deep and spaced about 3” aside. In case your daffodils go “blind” – that’s, they produce
leaves however no blooms – it could be as a result of they don’t seem to be planted deep sufficient.
Another excuse for daffodils not blooming is that they will get overcrowded after a
few years. Dig up the bulbs in fall, after which replant them additional aside.

How Deep To Plant Daffodils In Pots

If the bottom is frozen and also you’re questioning the place to plant daffodils, you may plant
daffodils in pots. Plant narcissus and daffodil bulbs in pots not less than 4” beneath the
floor of the soil. When planting bulbs in layers, you may plant the bottom bulbs
a lot deeper than this and the shoots will nonetheless discover their option to the floor to

How Deep To Plant Mini Daffodils In Pots

Mini daffodils resembling Minnow and Tete a Tete look pretty on the entrance of the border
or in pots. Plant on their very own or mix with different bulbs resembling hyacinth and
crocus for a colourful mixture. Plant these miniature daffodil bulbs twice as deep as their peak and house them 2” -3 “aside.

Now that you simply’ve realized how deep to plant daffodil bulbs, it’s the right time to
browse our fabulous daffodil and narcissus assortment. Our bulbs are categorised by
bloom time, coloration, hardiness and deer resistance, so it is simple to search out the best
selection for any location.


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