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Gardening with Allen: Safer methods to manage bugs

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Allen Wilson is a Vancouver gardening specialist. Electronic mail Allen Wilson at

I’ve some insect issues that I want to take care of with out poisoning my household and pets with harmful chemical substances — particularly, slugs in my newly planted flowers and greens, worms in my broccoli final yr, aphids on my roses, lace bugs on my rhododendrons. Are there natural pesticides or different secure methods to manage these and different insect issues?

There are some instruments and natural pesticides that may be safely utilized in your panorama.

A secure alternative for the previous snail and slug bait that contained metaldehlyde has the lively ingredient iron phosphate, which isn’t poisonous to people or animals. The most well-liked model is Sluggo.

Aphids and spider mites are simply washed off crops with an answer that incorporates dish cleaning soap. You can also make your personal answer or buy insecticidal cleaning soap.

Contemplate delaying therapy for those who discover helpful bugs, akin to ladybugs. One time I walked beneath a tree that was so badly contaminated with aphids that it was dripping with aphid secretion. I didn’t have time to take care of it on the time. Two days later, the tree was utterly freed from aphids. Ladybugs had cleaned them out.

Three natural pesticides can be found that management most bugs with out leaving harmful residues on the crops. My favourite is Spinosad, an natural pesticide efficient towards lace bugs, worms, leaf miners and lots of different pests.

Neem oil is one other pure pesticide. It not solely kills aphids on roses but in addition controls three rose illnesses, together with black spot. Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), bought as Thuricide or Dipel, is efficient towards worms in crops of the cabbage household, together with broccoli.

There may be one different product that may be very efficient in stopping harm from a number of vegetable pests by stopping the grownup flies or moths from laying their eggs on the crops. Floating cloth row covers are light-weight blankets manufactured from spun bonded polypropylene. They’re permeable to air, daylight and rain. Floating row covers are positioned loosely over newly seeded or transplanted greens so that they have room to develop. Soil is positioned across the edges to carry them in place. Greens might be watered and fertilized with out eradicating the row covers. They do should be folded again for weeding.

Row covers additionally lure heat across the greens and shield them from wind harm, so early progress is improved.


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