Gardening tips 2022 — I'm an expert - the exact time to water your lawn and plants to get it perfect

Gardening tips 2022 — I am an professional – the precise time to water your garden and vegetation to get it excellent

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Newbie-friendly houseplants, continued

Subsequent, the consultants steered dieffenbachia, an much more low-maintenance plant that solely must be watered each seven to 10 days.

One widespread houseplant that’s simple to maintain alive is the spider plant, which the gardening consultants identified solely must be watered as soon as per week.

For those who’re searching for one thing smaller, the aglaonema is a superb alternative for infamous plant killers because it additionally solely must be watered as soon as each seven days.

For these with an edgier type, the black raven ZZ plant can be a sensible choice because it options shiny darkish purple leaves.

Plus, it solely must be watered each two to 3 weeks, making it the simplest plant to maintain alive.

Lastly, the gardening consultants steered dracaenas for plant novices because it you solely have to water it as soon as each seven to 10 days.


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