Gardening Tips for July From ‘The English Lady’ … When the Sun Shines, a Breeze Blows and Birds Sing

Gardening Suggestions for July From ‘The English Girl’ … When the Solar Shines, a Breeze Blows and Birds Sing

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Hibiscus flowers make a surprising show all through July.

“An ideal July day is when the solar is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing … and the lawnmower is damaged!” – James Dent

Maureen Haseley-Jones is “The English Girl.”

Watering is so essential through the warmth of summer season.

For those who planted bushes or shrubs this spring, notably evergreens, these crops require additional moisture to determine a powerful root system. Now we have had an plentiful quantity of rain this spring and into the summer season, nonetheless it’s all the time essential to keep watch over the climate.


A sprinkler will be an efficient watering methodology. Picture by Anthony Lee on Unsplash.

Right here in New England, crops require at the least an inch of water per week.  In case you are utilizing an everyday hose, you lose 40% of moisture to evaporation. Nevertheless, a hose is critical for a deep first-watering when a plant goes into the bottom and for containers.

Soaker hoses in your borders are the very best methodology of watering, connected to a home spigot with a timer. Through the use of this methodology of irrigation, moisture goes to the roots of crops the place it’s wanted and never on the foliage, which might trigger illness equivalent to black spot and powdery mildew. Soaker hoses connected to a timer can be utilized effectively not solely within the borders of the garden but additionally within the vegetable garden, the place annual greens, require plenty of water to supply crop.

As well as, composted manure added to the containers and copious quantities to the vegetable garden, serving to to retain quantity of moisture. Manure used as mulch for the vegetable garden provides extra vitamin, manure as mulch  doesn’t cap or kind a tough crust, so water goes on to the roots the place it’s wanted.


Picture by Chris Zhang on Unsplash.

Water the garden solely when the inexperienced glow begins to fade.  A longtime garden will bounce again following dry scorching spells.

I wish to emphasize the significance of soil and soil well being, which has been severely uncared for and abused with toxic chemical substances for years. Soil is an important aspect of plant progress; it isn’t an inert medium that merely holds the crops erect, it’s a dwelling organism that must be replenished with vitamins.

The nutrient is composted manure — manure builds soils construction and its micro organism companions with the hundreds of thousands of microbes under the floor to supply vitamins for the roots of the crops. In case you have not already accomplished so, I strongly counsel that you just rigorously discard all chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.

The addition of composted manure to your soil in spring, early summer season and in early fall, along with the addition of pure brown bark mulch, will construct the carbon compound or humus element within the soil.  We’re all carbon-based creatures, as is each dwelling aspect, and so that is our lifeblood and the lifeblood of the soil in our gardens.

As we construct the humus element by including composted manure and fine-bark mulch we’re producing the healthiest doable rising atmosphere and the strongest illness resistant crops.  As we add the composted manure and pure advantageous bark mulch season after season, the humus element continues to construct within the soil, constantly extracting carbon from the ambiance into the soil.


Picture by Summer time Quinn on Unsplash.

These flourish fantastically with the addition of composted manure and mulch utilized on the soil about two toes away from the bottom of the plant. Roses additionally require deep watering at the least as soon as per week. Now, in July add one other mild layer of composted manure across the roses.

Manure is meals for the roots of the roses and no different merchandise are obligatory for progress and bloom. Cease including manure to the roses in mid-August, in order that the roses can transfer right into a gradual dormancy by late summer season and early fall, a pure a part of their progress cycle.

In case you are a primary time rose-grower or including to your rose assortment,

David Austin English roses are my private desire.  The David Austin nursery is simply 21 miles from my hometown in Shropshire in England; it was a aromatic pleasure to go to the nursery in June.

David Austin roses are extra trouble-free than many different roses and are repeat bloomers, with stunning colours that improve our senses with scrumptious fragrances.

A few of my favourite David Austin roses are:

A Shropshire Lad (my dwelling nation in England):- a peachy pink
Abraham Darby:- shades of apricot and yellow
Evelyn (my favourite):- with large apricot hued flowers
Honest Bianca:- a pure white rose
Heritage:- a delicate blush pink
Carding Mill Valley:- begins as a peachy orange double flower earlier than turning into an apricot-pink

A stunning mixture is climbing roses and clematis planted collectively as each get pleasure from the identical planting atmosphere with their heads within the solar and their toes (roots) cool, with manure and mulch. This mixture appears nice, climbing over a fence, wall or arbor.

Don’t use the artificially-colored purple mulch, rubber mulch or cocoa mulch; use solely pure brown bark mulch.  Don’t mulch proper as much as the bottom of the crops, as this invitations rodents to nest and gnaw on the stems or trunks of the crops.

Word: Don’t use Cocoa mulch, produced by Hershey, this mulch has a Thorazine compound and different poisons that are hazardous to pets who’re attracted by the chocolate odor. Ingestion of this chocolate mulch could cause seizures and loss of life inside hours.


Picture by Summer time Quinn on Unsplash.

Plant Hydrangeas in a sunny space in case you stay close to the coast for them to get pleasure from light seas breezes. Plant them in part-sun away from the coast on the west or east facet of the garden. Plant them in organically wealthy soil with composted manure and add additional composted manure across the base now in July.

In case you have the blue macrophylla Hydrangea add some peat or aged oak bark across the base, the acidity within the peat or oak bark encourages a deeper blue hue. Hydrangeas are a wetland plant and require loads of water all through the summer season. We had a late spring and with all of the spring and early summer season rain and good sunshine, the foliage and bloom of the hydrangeas are performing effectively.

Be careful for powdery mildew and spray with the next powdery mildew recipe you possibly can combine your self:
Two tablespoons baking soda, one dessert spoon of vegetable oil, a squirt of dish cleaning soap with a gallon of water in a sprayer.

For any recipe spray you make at dwelling, spray solely within the morning when there isn’t any wind and when the temperature and humidity added collectively don’t go above 180.


Prune Hydrangeas instantly after they end blooming in late August or early September however no later, as Hydrangeas set their buds for the following season by mid September.

For those who prune after September, you’ll lose subsequent season’s bloom. Once you prune, minimize out a number of the outdated wooden and the weakest of the brand new shoots.

In October put extra composted manure and brown mulch across the base to nourish and defend the roots by the winter.


Picture by Lobo Studio on Unsplash.

Do you know that garlic is the antibiotic of the garden? I simply love garlic to make use of in my recipes and it is a vital anti-fungal aspect to guard your crops. I all the time counsel in early fall, plant extra garlic.

To keep away from fungal ailments plant garlic round strawberries, tomatoes and raspberries to keep away from fungal ailments.

Plant garlic:-

  • round mildew-prone crops to forestall mildew on such crops as summer season phlox and bee balm.
  • beneath fruit bushes to keep away from scab and root illness.
  • subsequent to ponds or standing water to manage mosquito larvae or pour garlic water into the water to discourage grownup mosquitoes.

The place you discover marauders, the place both bugs or animals have been munching, make a garlic spray to use on the crops together with greens.

Garlic spray recipe
4 giant, crushed garlic cloves, unpeeled
2 teaspoons of vegetable oil
1 squirt of gentle dish detergent

Put all elements in 2 cups of scorching water within the blender, mix, then go away in a single day, then put in a gallon sprayer with chilly water and spray within the early morning when there isn’t any wind, observing the rule of 180.  Observing the rule of 180 is when the temperature and humidity when added collectively don’t go above 180.

Sizzling pepper spray:
To discourage squirrels and chipmunks strive a scorching pepper spray utilizing both 4 scorching chilies or one cup of cayenne pepper in 2 cups of scorching water, within the blender, mix and go away in a single day, then put in a gallon sprayer with chilly water and spray the issue areas within the early morning.

This pepper spray works effectively to discourage squirrels, chipmunks, and deer in addition to canine and cats that could be leaving their deposits within the garden.

Gardener’s fingers are their instruments of the commerce so it’s essential to take care of them. My fingers stay wholesome by indulging in a scorching cream remedy as soon as per week earlier than mattress. 

Recipe: Mix Calendula cream with honey and important oil of lavender heated within the microwave, apply generously and placed on white cotton gloves for sleep. After I get up my fingers are delicate and easy as a child’s backside. Put on gloves, when working in soil that comprises manure or when spreading manure. Manure is an natural product that comprises micro organism; micro organism is nice for the soil however like many micro organism not wholesome for you. The garden gloves I favor are the delicate leather-based farmer’s gloves which might be washable.  

Many herbs are at their peak proper now and are perfect for utilizing in flavored oils.  The oil I exploit as a base is natural olive oil. I harvest basil, parsley, sage, tarragon and oregano in a morning, rinse them effectively, pat them dry with a paper towel after which make the recipe.

Selected an herb and add to 2 cups of oil.

For thyme and lavender, I exploit solely the flowers with one cup of oil to a handful of blossoms.

Puree the herb combination in a blender and retailer coated in a large mouthed jar for 3 days, shake at the least 3 times a day for the primary two days and on the third day let the combination settle to the underside, then pressure it by a paper espresso filter or cheese material right into a clear jar.  You’ll now have a tinted however clear combination.

Refrigerate every combination and use inside two to 3 weeks.  The herb oils I make are lavender, lemon, garlic, shallots and basil with olive oil as the bottom – these are my favorites and are nice brushed on greens and meats for grilling.  The lavender oil is nice with desserts. Rosemary and lemon oil style glorious on salads.

I do know I’ve given you just a few mole cures previously; however I’ve not given you the exlax methodology for some time. I can attest to the truth that I’ve used this methodology as have many fellow gardeners for years, as it really works.  Purchase Exlax , during which the principle ingredient is Senna, a pure herb. Insert Exlax into the mole holes, the moles and voles eat it then die of dehydration.

In case you have canine and cats don’t use the chocolate Exlax, use solely the plain Exlax as chocolate is harmful to pets.

In early April of subsequent yr, apply natural grub management, which suggests much less grubs for the moles to feed on, and with out their provide of grubs, the moles will go elsewhere for meals. As well as, the white grubs of Japanese beetles will be diminished with the grub management.


These bugs love our crops and right here is a technique to take care of them naturally. Within the early morning, the Japanese beetles are drowsy and will be captured.  Lay a drop material beneath the plant or crops the place you see them and gently shake the plant; the drowsy beetles will drop onto the material, which you collect up and drop them in a rubbish bag and discard.

Many people are dedicated to natural gardening with out chemical substances, which has enabled the earthworm inhabitants to as soon as once more improve; earthworms are a terrific boon to the garden soil as their castings add 50% vitamin to the soil along with eleven hint minerals.


I simply love my summer season phlox and to maintain the mold issues at bay I exploit the pure baking soda combine I discussed above.  I’ve discovered that white Phlox Miss Lingard or white Phlox David are extra proof against mildew that different summer season phlox.  Monarda generally recognized, as Bee Balm and Hydrangeas are additionally liable to be affected by powdery mildew, and that is the place the baking soda recipe as soon as once more can be utilized.

For a second bloom on the Summer time Phlox, prune off ten to twenty inches from the flower stems after the primary bloom has passed by and inside just a few weeks you’ll expertise new bloom.

KEEP YOUR GARDEN CLEAN – a wholesome garden is a clear garden. Don’t put any diseased gadgets into your compost.

Deadhead all annuals and perennials for a second bloom and clear up all spend blossoms.

When Coreopsis and Spirea have bloomed, with garden shears, shear off lifeless flowers they usually too will rebloom.


Picture by

Be sure to have composted manure and advantageous bark mulch utilized on prime of the soil in your containers and maintain them watered as containers dry out faster than garden soil. In scorching climate the containers will should be watered day by day, morning and night watering is the very best. For those who shouldn’t have time in a morning earlier than you allow for work or errands, empty your ice dice trays on the containers; this offers gradual -release watering till you may get to them later.

Take pleasure in being within the garden, keep hydrated, proceed to stretch and take time to ‘scent the Roses’.

In case you have any gardening questions, please e-mail me at and I’ll see you in your garden in August.

Additionally if you need a garden seek the advice of, contact my son Ian at – he is an excellent gardening thoughts and as one says ‘the apple doesn’t fall removed from the tree!’

Concerning the writer: Maureen Haseley-Jones is a member of a household of famend horticultural artisans, whose landscaping heritage dates again to the seventeenth century. She is likely one of the founders, collectively together with her son Ian, of, The English Girl Panorama and Dwelling Firm. Maureen and Ian are panorama designers and garden specialists, who imagine that everybody deserves to stay in an eco-conscious atmosphere and benefit from the pleasure that it brings. Maureen discovered her design abilities from each her mom and grandmother, and honed her horticultural and development abilities whereas working within the household nursery and panorama enterprise within the U.Ok. Her formal horticultural coaching was undertaken on the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew in Surrey.


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