Lawn care tips: Two ways to repair ‘patches’ in the grass - ‘will prevent weeds’

Garden care tips: Two methods to restore ‘patches’ within the grass – ‘will forestall weeds’

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Patches in lawns can seem for various causes and it may be a nuisance. Whereas it’s endorsed to restore lawns in spring or autumn, if climate permits, gardeners may also do small repairing jobs all through the summer season months if it isn’t too scorching. A method lawns might be saved is through the use of turf.

The RHS mentioned: “Patches in lawns can seem for quite a lot of causes, and after they do, it’s all the time advisable to restore them.

“Re-seeding, or turfing naked patches will forestall weeds germinating within the patches, and naturally, it seems a lot better.”

Utilizing turf

To start, lower out the broken space of turf in a sq., utilizing a half moon edging iron to chop the sq. and spade to carry it.

The RHS added: “Frivolously fork over the soil within the base of the eliminated sq..

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“After three days, test the seed for indicators of germination.

“If none is seen, test every day thereafter. When you see small white roots creating, sow the combination as above.”

Repairing garden edges

Garden edges may also turn out to be broken and the best solution to repair them is to dig out the broken space with sq. cuts on three sides.

After making ready the bottom, flip the broken sq. via 180 levels and change it.

The RHS mentioned: “Substitute it in order that the lower edge aligns with the garden edge and the broken edge is dealing with inwards.

“Minimize away the broken areas and re-turf or re-seed.”

Typically, repaired patches seem a unique color from the prevailing garden.

Utilizing items of grass from elsewhere within the garden, somewhat than new turf, may also help keep away from this drawback.


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