Don't bug out: What to know about summer insects in Southern Nevada

Do not bug out: What to find out about summer season bugs in Southern Nevada

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When you’ve lived by means of a Las Vegas summer season, you’ll know the sound of the cicada. 

That fixed buzzing could be mind-numbing. However cicadas are innocent; they don’t chunk. They gained’t eat your garden veggies. They’re making noise to allow them to discover a companion to mattress down with.  

However let’s face it, bugs freak folks out. 

Our state is residence to cockroaches, spiders, scorpions, bees, crickets, an entire host of ants—and actually tons extra. 

Most are protected but it surely by no means hurts to be taught extra about them, so that you don’t have a coronary heart assault in case you discover a cockroach sitting in your shoulder or a scorpion in your front room sofa. 

Jeff Knight is the state entomologist for the Nevada Division of Agriculture.

Bees and wasps

Issues like honeybees are very harmful, particularly in Southern Nevada, the place we’ve got the aggressive Africanized bees. There are additionally a number of of the social wasps, the yellowjackets and stuff that may be harmful. 

The method that we take on the division is that any unmanaged colony in Southern Nevada throughout the Africanized bee quarantine zone is taken into account Africanized, so so far as taking care and being cautious, in case you’re out mountain climbing, and also you hear bees, you should get away from them. And or in your yard. When you’ve got bees made a colony on a brick wall or in your tree, they have to be taken care of. They current a particular public well being. We by no means know what would possibly set off these bees. You’ve got a special fragrance on or one thing or motion and the bees will assault you.


The purple and the big harvester ants we name them, their mating flights, their reproductive flights are created by thunderstorms. It is about eight days after a thunderstorm and we’ll begin having flights and experiences of them coming in. They usually congregate on the highest of homes and chimneys and stuff like that. The opposite factor that we see in Southern Nevada is there’s a couple completely different species of termites that do the identical factor. They usually’ll come out in mass, and folks will see enormous numbers of wings and stuff the place they dropped off. Principally, mate, and go off and try to discover a colony. Fortunately, most of those by no means make it. They’re beginning new colonies. 

So, you should get 1 / 4 inch of rain. I imply, do not ask me how they know it has been 1 / 4 inch. 


No, dimension has completely nothing to do with it [In the myth that the smaller to more potent]. Extra coloration. All our native species of scorpions that vary in dimension as adults, from about an inch and 1 / 4 as much as the desert furry scorpion that is perhaps 4 and a half or 5 inches lengthy, are actually fairly gentle there. They’re probably not thought-about very harmful … only a sharp needle or pinprick kind of factor. 

There’s an launched scorpion in Southern Nevada, the bark scorpion, it’s thought-about venomous. And there have been experiences, no deaths been recorded from Nevada from it, however we have had a few hospitalizations which were dropped at my consideration. 

We exit on the job searching for them round city at night time with a blacklight. You discover them feeding on cockroaches a whole lot of instances, in order that they’re doing a little good on the market


I relocate spiders round my residence. And even my spouse does the identical. The one time I’ve ever managed any form of spiders, if I am in an space that I will must work like a sprinkler field or one thing like that, then yeah, sadly, you wish to take precautions. You do not actually wish to get bitten by spiders, although spider bites are extraordinarily uncommon. I imply, in my profession, spanning some 40 years, I most likely can rely on two fingers the variety of verified spider bites, the place the individual noticed or captured the spider.  



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