Ask Maine Audubon: Invasive insects pose a threat to hemlocks

Ask Maine Audubon: Invasive bugs pose a menace to hemlocks

An entomologist examines a department of hemlock infested with hemlock woolly adelgid. The invasive insect plunges its needle-like mouth deep into the branches of...
How have garden insects fared this summer?

How have garden bugs fared this summer season?

Keep forward of the pattern in style and past with our free weekly Life-style Edit publicationKeep forward of the pattern in style and past...
To Ditch Pesticides, Scientists Are Hacking Insects’ Sex Signals

To Ditch Pesticides, Scientists Are Hacking Bugs’ Intercourse Alerts

Proving that this manner of manufacturing pheromones works, and that they’re efficient, has taken nearly a decade. “We are actually taking a look at...
10 insects wanted for the garden – Red Bluff Daily News

10 bugs needed for the garden – Pink Bluff Every day Information

Most bugs discovered within the garden don't hurt vegetation. In actual fact, 97% of the bugs seen fall into this class. Such bugs are...
Tomato hornworm covered with parasitic wasp cocoons

These Useful Bugs Can Assist Your Backyard Thrive

Backyard pests are a truth of life for gardeners. There’s no escaping it — a number of creatures wish to feed in your hard-won...
rewild long island

ReWild Lengthy Island Shares How you can Shield Butterflies, Backyard Bugs

Well-known for his or her unmistakable ovary wings with black borders and tiny white spots, the monarch butterfly is a treasure of nature. However...
Swamp milkweed can help provided a habitat for beneficial insects.

10 frequent dangerous garden bugs and tips to regulate them

There are practically 1 million recognized insect species on Earth, and simply 2% of those bugs are dangerous to vegetation, animals or people.Managing bugs within...

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