Bay Health Parallels America’s Health [Opinion] | Antiques-and-history

Bay Well being Parallels America’s Well being [Opinion] | Antiques-and-history

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In response to the 2 letters relating to the well being of the Chesapeake Bay within the July 2 challenge, I’d prefer to make a couple of factors.

First, I don’t assume the common farmer totally understands the chemical compounds getting used on their land. Farmers ought to query what they’re utilizing and doing.

Second, within the garden and panorama business, at the very least 5 out of the highest 15 firms are chemical software firms. One firm alone has a income of $1.5 billion. The massive field shops promote tons of garden chemical compounds a 12 months for garden and panorama.

Now let me ask the reader, what number of householders perceive what they’re making use of?

Third, garden chemical compounds are a major a part of bay air pollution.

How do I do know this? Simply take a look at the sidewalks, parking tons and roadways on a Monday morning within the spring. You’ll discover garden chemical compounds from a weekend of yard work. These chemical compounds merely wash into the storm drain and find yourself within the bay.

Fourth, the garden care foyer is lively, as is the agriculture foyer. It’s all in regards to the cash.

Fifth, persons are conserving their automobiles longer. Older automobiles leak oil. The place does the oil go?

The declining Chesapeake Bay well being coincides with the declining well being of the American folks — weight problems, coronary heart illness and cancers appear to be profitable.

It’s time of us get up and take some accountability for what they use, eat and do. The bay is just a snapshot of the inhabitants’s situation.

I do want the politicians and others of us would cease blaming Pennsylvania agriculture for the bay’s troubles.

I’m not saying nothing is available in from the north, however Maryland wants to deal with its personal points. We continue to grow homes down right here and never produce, and these new neighborhoods all embrace the chemical garden, pest therapy and automotive wash cleaning soap down the drain way of life.

The 35-plus years I’ve grown greens and have been within the panorama business, I’ve watched it go from horticulture-based to chemical culture-based. We use no glyphosate, no urea, no synthetics. I’m advised by the consultants our manner of rising can’t work and but it does.

We dwell in a singular a part of the world. Let’s protect it.

Take care.

— Eric Hart

Eldersburg, Maryland


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